Video Games


I really like video games. I play them on my new Xbox one, that I got for Christmas this year. I used to have a wii, but I like my Xbox much better. The Xbox has better graphics, better picture, etc.

The things I play on my Xbox is Madden 15, NBA 2k 15, Forza Horizon 2 and sometimes Minecraft. I play Madden and NBA the most. My favorite out of all those would be NBA. I am also the best at NBA out of all those. My best move is a fast break dunk. I am also really good at threes. In madden I am not as good, but still good enough. When I play against my brothers I usually win. My favorite move is when my running back jumping over their corners or linebackers.

I like playing on my Xbox with my cousin after school sometimes. We usually play madden or NBA. My cousin has a Xbox 360, and I sometimes play on it too. I hope I can get Xbox live soon, so I can play online with him and other friends.

I really like playing on my Xbox. I wish I had one before Christmas, because it is so awesome. I like to play sport games the best. I can’t wait until I get to play on it again!

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