Language Arts :)


Language arts is my favorite class. I really like that we get to have our own blog! I always am waiting until our last period so I can come in here. I have learned so much in language arts.

I really like language arts. I really like it because I think that it has really changed me. I used to not like reading when I was younger, like in second and third grade. In fourth and filth grade I liked to read, but It wasn’t fun. Now that I am in sixth grade I love reading. Now that I have read so much each week, it is so much more fun. I have also found awesome books that I like to read. Reading is awesome.

The other reason I like language arts is because we get to write on our blog about every day. I love this project that we are doing right now. We have to publish 10 blog posts in 10 days. We write a post every day. When I was younger we never got to have a blog or type a lot. There was only one time in the year that we got to type up a story. That was when our class did a real published book. Now we type almost every day. I have gotten much better at typing faster. I also like to type in general. It is so much fun.

I think language arts is awesome, like I have said. I have learned so much this year. For example, I had no idea of what a root was until this ¬†year. I have had questions on tests about roots last year and couldn’t figure them out. Now I know a ton of roots. So in other words, I love language arts.


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