No Hope, No Nothing

come back from trying to make some money
after a long day of nothing, except the heart of hope
keep trying to get better at anything, doesn’t work at all
trying to make good in anything that comes to mind
but here nothing is good, except trying to be happy
when I look at myself, and all I see is bad
why did this happen to me?
all that I did didn’t help enough
still here with myself with little hope
it is just me and my thoughts,
when my thought aren’t good
when will it all get better
no one is proud of me except my trying brain
Someday I will find hope… I hope

Kevin The Giraffe

A purple giraffe
named Kevin
tried to take a bath
when he was seven

he hit his head
on the ceiling
and could’t go to bed
without healing

the next day
he got out of bed
thought it was Friday
from that hit on his head

all Kevin wanted
was now to take a bath
he now felt haunted
when he saw a purple blood path

Poem Titles

  • That Baller
  • Srike Three Your Out
  • That One Cake
  • Slam Dunk
  • The Kitchen
  • My Dog Is Werid
  • Stinky Shoes
  • That Awesome Catch
  • My House Is Awesome
  • My Brother
  • Broken Bones
  • Milk Spill
  • School Lunch
  • Ryan’s Cool Hair
  • My Room Is A Mess
  • Football At Recess Is Epic
  • The Birthday Party Games
  • The Dab
  • The Bus Ride Home
  • The Awesome Catch
  • The Music Concert

Kindness Journal

Day 1: Ryan And I were talking about all of our idea’s for kindness. We said that we could ask someone to play with us at recess, give up our seats at lunch, and be a friend to someone that is having a hard time in school. We finally came up with a better idea, we were going to help people in Brave Period and SSR. We thought we could help people who have missing assignments and talk to people about their book, to get a better understanding.

Day 2: We are going to help Donnovan Dozier.  Our goal is to help him to get his grade up to a C or higher. Once  or twice a week we are going to help him in braves period and SSR.  We will  get on his Jupiter Grades and see his grades, and try to get them up. We will try to have all of his missing work in, so all the red missing assignments in Jupiter is gone. We will also help him organize all of his papers so he won’t lose them.  That will help get his grade up a lot. We would try to help him to get ready for tests so he’ll get a better grade so that would make himself happy. All of his corrections will be turned in soon.

One Week Later……… Ryan and I are helping Donnovan on Mondays and Thursdays, in brave period and SSR. We help him get his work done, but we haven’t done that much because, we are trying to get a math test done that he did not get a good grade on.

We help him out on one of the gym tables. The first time we helped him it was really hard to find all of his papers. We were really trying to get all organized that first day. We decided to get him a correction folder. Ryan gave it to him for all of his papers we have to correct. Right now we started to help him correct this math test, which was worth 40 points. We also tried to help him to organized his backpack (  it did not work out as planed ) . We also helped him get more assignments for him out of the  extra paper folder in Mrs. Hardin’s room.

Before we started to correct the papers, we checked his Jupiter Grades. We went through all of his grades to find the ones we needed to correct. It took a long time to find some of the papers. When we help him again we have most of the papers ready to correct.

Dr. Seuss Quote

The quote from Dr.  Seuss that I can relate to is the first one. It is Today You Are You, that is truer than true.  There is no one alive that is youer than you. I think this world wouldn’t exist if everyone was the same.

I can really relate to this you see, I would hate to have another personality of another human been. I always felt like like I had to act like other people to be cool, but I didn’t have too. I have my own way of living. There is no one exactly like me. Everyone is different in a good way. Everyone has a really cool gift in them, they just have to find it.

I really think that if you are trying to be like someone, always remember you don’t need to. You will find your gift. There is no one youer than You. You are you, and that’s what matters.


Who Inspired Me


I have quite a bit of people who has inspired me in my life. The person who really inspired me is my cousin. His name is Evan. He really inspired me to never give up, and keep working.

Evan really inspired me. Last year in 7th grade he broke his leg playing basketball. He is 6 foot 3 too. He broke it and couldn’t do any spring sports. He was on crutches for a while.This was also the fist year he played basketball. Basketball isn’t even his favorite sport. He likes football more. The thing that inspired me is…. he played again next year. He didn’t give up. Though, during one of his 8th grade games this year he broke his other leg! It was the exact same break. He  didn’t just quit, he goes to all there practices to support his team. I also think that he goes to their games too. That is how he inspired me to never give up and keep going.

That is who inspired me in my life. I will always remember no matter what don’t give up. Not just in sports but in general. Evan was a really awesome inspiration on me.

Video Games


I really like video games. I play them on my new Xbox one, that I got for Christmas this year. I used to have a wii, but I like my Xbox much better. The Xbox has better graphics, better picture, etc.

The things I play on my Xbox is Madden 15, NBA 2k 15, Forza Horizon 2 and sometimes Minecraft. I play Madden and NBA the most. My favorite out of all those would be NBA. I am also the best at NBA out of all those. My best move is a fast break dunk. I am also really good at threes. In madden I am not as good, but still good enough. When I play against my brothers I usually win. My favorite move is when my running back jumping over their corners or linebackers.

I like playing on my Xbox with my cousin after school sometimes. We usually play madden or NBA. My cousin has a Xbox 360, and I sometimes play on it too. I hope I can get Xbox live soon, so I can play online with him and other friends.

I really like playing on my Xbox. I wish I had one before Christmas, because it is so awesome. I like to play sport games the best. I can’t wait until I get to play on it again!

Language Arts :)


Language arts is my favorite class. I really like that we get to have our own blog! I always am waiting until our last period so I can come in here. I have learned so much in language arts.

I really like language arts. I really like it because I think that it has really changed me. I used to not like reading when I was younger, like in second and third grade. In fourth and filth grade I liked to read, but It wasn’t fun. Now that I am in sixth grade I love reading. Now that I have read so much each week, it is so much more fun. I have also found awesome books that I like to read. Reading is awesome.

The other reason I like language arts is because we get to write on our blog about every day. I love this project that we are doing right now. We have to publish 10 blog posts in 10 days. We write a post every day. When I was younger we never got to have a blog or type a lot. There was only one time in the year that we got to type up a story. That was when our class did a real published book. Now we type almost every day. I have gotten much better at typing faster. I also like to type in general. It is so much fun.

I think language arts is awesome, like I have said. I have learned so much this year. For example, I had no idea of what a root was until this  year. I have had questions on tests about roots last year and couldn’t figure them out. Now I know a ton of roots. So in other words, I love language arts.


My Pets

I’m going to talk about my pets. I have a dog named Bella, I used to have a cat named Mama Kitty, and a fish, but he actually doesn’t have a name. My pets are really awesome.

I got my dog Bella for Christmas a couple years ago. She came to us on Christmas morning in a stocking! Bella is a white/yellow lab. The only thing bad about Bella is that she sheds sooooo much. When Bella was a puppy she chewed up all of our stuff. She one time chewed up my roller blades. Now a days Bella doesn’t chew up stuff. Bella is also 3 years old. Bella really likes our cousins dog Baxter. He lives across the field from us. Baxter always runs to our house about twice a week to play with Bella. They are best friends.

Like I said, I used to have a cat. Her name was Mama Kitty. I don’t really know why we call her that though. I think it’s because she had kittens. We found her as a stray cat one night when we were sitting on the back porch. She was kind of tamed, but not really. We started seeing her on our front porch. She technically lived on our front porch. One night she had kittens. There were three of them. We gave the kittens to a farmer up the road, but we kept Mama Kitty. The next day all the kittens were back on the porch!! Mama Kitty brought them all back by caring in her mouth. The kittens ended up staying there and we kept the mom. Then one night she got hit by a car and died. She was a good cat.


That One Girl

That one girl. You know that there are a lot of girls in your life. The one I’m going to talk about is my mom. You couldn’t have a lot of things if it wasn’t for you mom.

My mom does a lot for me. She provides me a home, buys me food, buys me clothes, and more! She is an awesome cook too. She makes my family dinner like a boss! She also cleans our house, does laundry, and cares for me. I think some days moms just need a day off. I couldn’t imagine being a girl/mom.

This one girl was also a teacher back when she was younger. My mom taught 1st and 2nd grade at Washington Elementary. She worked at Dairy Shed too. She also went to collage at The Ohio State University. My mom then met my dad at the YMCA. Then got married.

I think my mom is pretty cool. She plays a really important role in my life. I couldn’t imagine living without my mom. She is that one girl, that is awesome.